Oceanic sailing on
Canary Islands
Become a friend of an ocean and come
back home truly refreshed

March 23-30, 2024
Start-finish on Tenerife
Experience on a yacht and a land
Feel the power of the ocean: we navigate through the waves under the sails and also relax in calm bays.
Enjoy freshly caught fish if we get lucky: we make sashimi accompanied by wine and remember the taste of every bite of it.
Explore lands of eternal spring: the climate here is recognised as the most comfortable during all year.
Try all possible entertainments onboard: both for a thrill and to relax. Feel every side of adventures during a sailing.
Sailing route
It is a really unique location because you can see different climate zones and landscapes during a few hours trip. Enjoy deserts, Mars-like lands, and wet forests in canyons. Feel the magic of a vacation on an island with snow-covered summits over hot beaches and thousand year old eucalyptuses.
La Gomera
The island looks like a big almost perfectly round hat popping out from an ocean. Airplanes with tourists don`t fly here, and we repeat Columb`s route to La Gomera under sails. On the land, we go up over the clouds and do light trekking in an ancient wood and jungle.

You don`t need any previous experience to join the team for this trip. Actual route will depend on the weather conditions and wishes of the team

La Palma
Here we go for a walk near the volcano that recently has been erupting but now is sleeping again. As an option, we can rent 1-2 cars for a short road trip in canyons and forests. Let`s go to a rattling mountain waterfall and then climb to the top to see freshly solidified lava.
Turn this video into your reality
Our home for a week of adventures
common zones in the cockpit, on the deck, and inside
galley with the kitchen (fridge, freezer, cooker, oven)
cold and hot water, electricity
Sailing plus motor catamaran yacht, fully equipped for autonomous navigation in seas and oceans

Cabins: 4-5
Sleeping places: 8-10
Meet the team
Sergey Almer – the skipper
Skipper with 6 years of experience. He got a license in Ireland after passing the program of Royal Yacht Association (RYA). Navigated 12 000+ nautical miles on yachts in the seas and Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.
Onboard, we don`t have visitors or clients. All together we are the team.
Sailing is not for everybody
We want to create a harmonious atmosphere on board with people who have similar values. That is why we conduct a personal interview with each potential member of our crew before every adventure.
Invest in your impressions
Additional budget:
Yacht charter (+ motor boat)
Yacht insurance
Learning to steer the yacht and the art of sailing
Freediving lesson
Final cleaning
Bed linen and towels
Food, drinks, fuel — €140-200
Flight tickets
Security deposit for a yacht €250 (pay at the base, refundable)
Additional activities on a land (restaurants, tours etc)

Helping with the planning of the trip: tickets, transfers to a marina.

It is enough to pay 50% of the whole price to book your place
Cost per person
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Robert Muller, Frankfurt

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We know how to help you with a sea sickness and enjoy a trip on a sea
90% of our crew members falling in love with sailing after the trip
Teaching the art of sailing and issue skippers lisences
40+ sailings were organised over and under the equator
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