Become a skipper with us
You can learn how to control a yacht and how to sail and receive Skippers license. Elmár Sailing School is a place where captains grow. You will be able to rent a yacht around the world, invite your friends for the trip and make it happen your way.

50 hours of theory
Study theory online with one of our instructors. It is a combination of self study, online lessons, detailed Q&A sessions, and short tests after each knowledge block.
Week of practice on a yacht
Small groups around 4 students living and practicing on board. Most of the practices happen in Mediterranean Sea (Greece, Spain, Croatia, and other locations). Training plan full of practical exercises, safety, and includes navigation at night.
Prior experience is not required
If you haven't tried sailing before you are still allowed to start a sailing course. But in this case we recommend you joining one of our sailing adventure trips first so that you can see how it works and feels
We are part of international association that is recognised in most charter companies around the world. It allows to rent and skipper a yacht and create independent itinerary
ISSA License
Emotions board
Sailing is not for everyone
For the most comfortable experience on a board, we have to gather people with similar life values. That`s why we conduct interviews with every potential crew member.
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