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Sailing School
Get a skipper's license and become a captain of the yacht to explore the true freedom of traveling
How it works
Pass the interview
Sailing is not for everyone, so we get everything clear to sync up with you and answer any of your questions. Just a quick call and you are in!
Study theory online
You will receive all the necessary materials and books for self-work. Every week we meet in zoom for deeper learning on each topic.
Come to the yacht practice
And you will be happy ever after with all practical skills and knowledge that you get onboard during a week on the yacht.
Get a license
Once you pass the practice, you have to get approval from our instructor that you are qualified. Receive your skipper's license by post at home.
You'll get
Just to make you sure that you understand all of the possibilities you get with a skipper's license
  • New skills
    Sailing requires a total presence and flexibility. While learning you````` will train new abilities that help you in many other parts of your life.
  • Freedom
    On a yacht you can travel whenever and wherever you want. Explore islands, bays that you can reach only from the water.
    Rent/charter a yacht at 100s of locations. Create your route!
  • A Right
    Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience. They use their knowledge to make our clients’ life better.
  • New hobby, lifestyle, or profession
    Spend your free time and vacations with a quality. Practice your skills as every trip shows you new insights and opportunities. Also, it can be a start of new profession or job!
You will learn the theory
This Inshore Skipper course is taught by the guidelines and requirements of ISSA association. There is a flexibility of learning process in case additional online meetings are required for whole group or part of it.

Pass a short self-assessment test after each topic.
Completion criteria
Attending weekly online sessions (recordings will also be provided), passing a short self-assessment test after each topic, and providing feedback to the instructor.
You will have the practise
1 week
Location: Mediterranean locations or Canary Islands.
4 students
It is a maximum amount of participants on one board
9 hours/day
Of intensive lessons and communicating.
Individual assessment of the most critical theory topics (the list of such topics will be provided)
Completion criteria
Demonstrating theoretical knowledge; demonstrating mastery of each practical topic
  • Passion
    We believe that the best experience lasts only if you have a feeling of curiosity and love for something. If you already feel it – welcome!
  • Time
    We recommend to spent 3-4 hours per week for studying during a theory part. If you learn a lot on land with our support, you will have more time for practicing and repetition during the practice for automated skills.
  • Age
    You can take your son or brother to this course from 14 years old without getting a license. There are no final limits for students – why should you reject your dream even if you are 65?
  • Gender
    Our students are both men and women. And we see that there is no room for gender stereotypes. Sometimes you need more strength but is an average level you can compare with light training in a gym.
  • Experience
    There is no need in previous experience, but we always recommend going on a sailing trip with us before taking a course. It will help you to feel life on a board and test our approaches and style. 
Sergey Almer
Founder Elmár Sailing and Head Instructor
Skipper with 6 years of experience. He got a license in Ireland after passing the program of the Royal Yacht Association (RYA). Navigated 14 000+ nautical miles on yachts in the seas and Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.

Sergey is an official sailing instructor of ISSA. Most of his students live in Europe and charter boats in Greece, Croatia, the Canary Islands, and other places.
Study Approach
We hate boring studying. We adore interactivity. That's why students are always active during lessons and love our tests after.

We adore complexity. That's why we always give an understanding of a full image. But also, we adore adding some personal lifehacks that official organizations and YouTube lessons miss.

We adore fun; that's why you leave the practice with more emotions than you could expect. And get ready always to have questions because the instructor works with each student individually during a week of practise.
  • Complex system
  • Details
  • Fan
  • Individuality
Your proof
Elmár Sailing School is an accreditated organization by ISSA (International Sailing Schools Association). Once you successfully finished your studying, we will give you a license issued by ISSA. It allows you to charter boats in all countries.
How did I change my life with sailing? – captain Almer
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They did it!
Students from all over the world added sailing to their life and now started to travel with their friends wherever they want
  • Max Holden
    Founder & Art Director
  • Eva Stark
    Customer Support
  • Julia Bush
    Design Director
  • Carlos Lott
    Marketing Director
Students share their experience
Rent and enjoy!
ISSA Inshore skipper allows to rent(charter) and operate the following motor and sail vessel examples:
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