Shibari sailing in Sardinia
Juicy combination of relaxed sailing in turquoise waters and immersion into world of shibari art

May 04 - 11, 2024
Shibari sailing in Sardinia
Juicy combination of relaxed sailing in turquoise waters and immersion into world of shibari art

May 04 - 11, 2024
How this trip works
Live and travel on fully equipped sail+motor catamaran
Meet new friends, potential partners for hobby, business, or even relationship!
Learn and practice onboard with Shibari Artist Tati Limati
Snorkelling paradise in warm water. Freediving master classes for all who wish
Program for beginners and continuing explorers
Shibari - aesthetic and sensual Japanese art of human bondage

  • 7 days of learning, workshops, and experience. From basic knowledge to dive deep into the Shibari world
  • Lounge evenings with free practice and training of the studied.
  • Shibari jam (party) in the style of "Blood with milk" white / red (any detail of clothing in this color, we dress erotically and comfortably to the best of your fantasies)
  • Free tie practice for all participants.
  • Performance by Tati

- Introduction to the Shibari history and psychology, techniques:
- Technique "Ippon nawa"
- Hishi shibari
- Karada
- Predicament tie
- Traditional techniques of "tekate kote" and "futomomo" tying hands and feet in the Japanese style.
- hand binding techniques:
  • Strappado (hands behind)
  • Mayete (hands in front)
  • Fish tie (foot binding)

Learning of combining techniques and sensuality.
Diving into the Japanese culture and behavior.

- We learn beautiful patterns of binding on the body (different types of knots and fasteners), harmonious body positions, how to create aesthetic and easy emotional pleasure.
- Shibari game "speed dating"
A game for training your skills, very exciting and gives more attention to the concent, taking care of personal boundaries and preferences.
The game trains the skill to more easily establish contact with each other through the rope.

The "4 elements in shibari" style is the basis of sensual bonding and not complicated patterns for communication between partners.

- Shibari Photoshoot at sunset by the seashore.

All participants will be able to attend and tie for beautiful memories.

Leave your mark on the history of art:)

Prepare yourself for this experience:
- Ropes are provided for the duration of classes, but if you have your own, take them.
- Bring your comfortable and form-fitting clothes
- Set your mood for a quality learning and rest:)

Welcome onboard!

Sailing route
Sadrinia and La Maddalena
Island of Sardinia will offer us several beatuful towns to visit as well as wild bays and beaches to explore.

Lying very closely to main island there is a beautiful and unspoiled archipelago of La Maddalena, said to be one of the best-kept secrets in the Mediterranean and home to some of Italy's best beaches and clearest calm waters.
If we crave for more locations during our trip, 2.5 hours sailing north of Sardinia there is famous french island of Corsica.
We can dock our yacht and explore vibrant historical town of Bonifacio. Taking pictures of the breathtaking views from the top is a must, as well as trying local tasty food during the night out.

You don`t need any previous experience to join the team for this trip

Start and finish: Olbia, Sardinia, Italy
The route may be adjusted for the weather and other factors
common zones in the cockpit, on the front deck and inside
salon with equipped kitchen: fridge, freezer, cooker, oven
cold and hot water, electricity
Cabins: 5
Sleeping places: 8-10
Outer zones: 3
Our home for
7 days of adventures
Meet the captain
Sergy Almer – the skipper
Skipper with 6 years of experience. He got a license in Ireland after passing the program of Royal Yacht Association (RYA). Navigated
15 000+ nautical miles on yachts in the seas and Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Certified ISSA advanced sea instructor.
Onboard, you are not the passenger or the client. All together we are the team.
Meet the artist
Tati Limati @tatianalimati

Deeply passionate about Shibari rope bondage.
11 years in. Creator of “4 elements” style. Organizer @shifestukraine & #shibaritheater. She discovered that Shibari is not merely about sexual gratification, but also a path towards healing the soul from her painful past. Tati has honed her skills and developed her unique bondage style, forging deep connections with her innermost emotions through the art of ropes.
Meet the organizer
Alex Fedorov @alex.dzin

Founder of retreat & festival center Dzin Space (Ukraine),
Ecstatic Boat Festival (Komodo islands, Indonesia),
Host of Shibari Camp, Ukraine
€1620 - normal price
Invest in your impressions
Additional budget:
Yacht charter (+ motor boat)
Yacht insurance
Licenced captain
All Shibari learning programs
Learning sailing if interested
Final cleaning, Bed linen and towels
Food, drinks, fuel — €220-320
Flight tickets
Security deposit for a yacht €250 (refundable)
Additional activities on a land (restaurants, tours etc)
Helping with the planning of the trip: tickets, transfers to a marina.

After chatting to us 50% prepayment will book your place
Costs per person
€1470 - early bird (4 places only)

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